Health and Safety Protocols and Procedures

Social Distancing in the Classroom

  • Physical distancing markers (floor decals and directional arrows) will be in use.​
  • All K-5 students will be required to wear a face mask except while eating and drinking.​
  • K-5 students with documented medical conditions will not be required to wear a mask.​
  • Individual bags of materials (manipulatives, books, etc) will be stored in baskets for each student.​
  • Student's coats and bags will be placed in large bags.​
  • Digital sign-in/sign-out sheets to be used by staff to track student's arrival (3K) and pick up (3K-5).   ​
  • Bathroom and hand washing schedules will be posted in classes. ​
  • Every classroom will be equipped with a cleaning station and PPE.​

Temperature and Health Screenings​

  • Daily health screenings, including temperature checks,  must be completed at home by families and by school-based staff.​
  • Upon entry into school building, staff and students will undergo a random temperature screening.​
  • All visitors will undergo temperature/health screening upon entry.​
  • Anyone with an elevated temperature will not be allowed access to the school building. ​
  • Everyone entering the building is required to have on a mask and wear it throughout the time within the school. 

Morning Arrival: ​Daily Student Screening and Health Procedures ​

  • Morning arrival/lineup will take place in the school yard/playground.​
  • Signage will indicate class placements within the school yard.​
  • Students and staff will maintain social distancing protocols.​
  • The BRT will conduct student temperature checks while students are online.​
  • BRT members will also distribute cold breakfasts and lunches to students, placing items into students' backpacks. ​
  • BRT members and teachers will assess students' mood/demeanor for possible sadness, anger, anxiety, etc. ​
  • During inclement weather, morning arrival and safety and health activities will take place in the auditorium (K & 1), cafeteria (2 & 3) and gymnasium (4th  & 5th)​
  • 3k and Prek students will enter the building with their parents through the main entrance. Temperature checks will be administered prior to their entry. ​

 3K and PreK​

Hand cleaning will take place for at least 20 seconds for all children and staff:​

  • Upon arrival to the classroom​
  • Between all activities (i.e. from small group activity to learning​ centers).
  • Between all learning centers​
  • After using the bathroom (staff and children) or after supporting ​a child with toileting.​
  • Before and after eating.​
  • Before leaving the classroom.​
  • The use of hand sanitizer will be supervised at all times. ​
  • Naptime- during naptime, children will be spaced a minimum of six feet apart. Children will be placed head to toe.​
  • Each child will have a separate cot that will be labelled for the ​exclusive use of each child.  Cots will be cleaned and sanitized​ daily.​
  • Each child should have two clean sheets or blankets.​
  • Sheets and blankets must be kept in a non-porous containers ​(covered container or plastic bag) labelled with the child's name​ in the child's cubby when not in use.​
  • Sheets and blankets must be washed at weekly.​
  • Family style meal practices are suspended.  Meals will be served in individual portions to the students.​
  • Students will be spaced out at tables during meals.  Tables will be at least six feet apart from each other and children will be spaced at least six feet apart.​
  • Students will not wear face coverings during this time.  Staff may wear additional PPE at this time, such as double mask, face shields, aprons and gloves for added protection.

Transitioning into the Building​

  • Upon entering the building, the students will use the hand sanitizing station which will be positioned at Exit door 4/5 and Exit door 6.​
  • Teachers will escort students in grades K-2 from outdoor morning lineup into the building using Exit doors 4/5 . They will then utilize staircase F/G to transition to their classrooms on the second floor.​
  • Teachers will escort  students in grades 3-5 from outdoor morning lineup into the building using Exit door 6.They will then utilize Exit 7/8 up staircase E to transition to their classrooms on the third floor. (Bility- second floor)​
  • One directional signage will display the correct direction in which to travel throughout the building.​

Afternoon Dismissal Procedures​

  • Preparation for dismissal procedures will begin at 1:50 pm. ​
  • Staff dismissing students will be notified by the BRT members positioned in the hallways to proceed along their designated route.​
  • During dismissal at 2:00pm, teachers and assigned BRT hallway wardens will remind the students of social distancing practices. ​
  • Grades K-2 will exit through Exit 4/5 and enter the school yard. Teachers will return to their morning line up positions. Assigned BRT members and a School Safety Agent will support the dismissal process. Parents will complete an electronic sign-out form created by the teacher in order to receive their child or children.  ​
  • Grades 3-5 will exit the building through Exits 2/3.Assigned BRT members and a School Safety Agent will support the dismissal procedures. Students will be socially distanced along the front of the school in designated areas. Parents will complete an electronic sign-out form created by the teacher in order to receive their child or children.  ​
  • Students who ride the school bus or are late being picked up will be held in the auditorium. BRT team members assigned to this area will ensure the appropriate social distancing guidelines are followed. Parents will complete the electronic sign-out form.  ​

Visitor Protocol​

  • All visitors entering the building will undergo temperature screening and the completion of a health screening form.​
  • Visitors will receive a visitor's pass to the main office. No more than two visitors at a time will be allowed into the main office. ​
  • Visitors who need to  meet with staff must contact the staff member via email or telephone to schedule a meeting.​
  • Once the visitor contacts the staff member, meetings should be scheduled via virtual meeting platforms i.e. Zoom, Google Meets, Facetime, etc. ​
  • Visitor/parents retrieving students from school early will sign out and receive their child in the main lobby. All students undergoing this process must be escorted to the main entrance by a BRT member.​

Emergency Visits​

The administrator on duty will determine if an emergency meeting is required. Emergency visits will require visitors to comply with visitor  control protocols, including temperature checks, completing a health screening form, and complying with social distancing guidelines.   ​