Mission & Vision

At P.S. 327 we utilize a holistic approach to support the “Whole Child” academically, socially and emotionally. All students are equipped with the tools they need to SOAR to greater heights​

  • S- Specialization programming provides students the opportunity to gain real-world experiences and learn about possible future career paths ​
  • O- Organized decision making activities provide students the opportunity to amplify their voice; instilling a sense of citizenship and responsibility​
  • A- Access to multiple sources of technology to engage our diverse learners, thereby enhancing their knowledge in a blended learning environment​
  • R-Rigorous instruction and challenging learning experiences built on a solid foundation of skills, knowledge and values

Diagram of what it take to get Student Achievement 

School-Wide Academic Expectations


  1. Clear Objectives


In order for students to achieve at high levels, they must understand exactly what is expected of them. Students must be given clear, concise instructions in order to achieve academic, behavioral or social expectations.


  1. Academic Rigor


Rigor at PS 327 is defined as:

  • Active, Instruction is active, either through conversations or hands-on or minds-on activity. There’s questioning and discovery going on.
  • Deep, Rather than broad; lessons are project-based. The learners are digging deep into a topic or project.
  • Engaging, Either on his or her own or with the help of a teacher, each learner has made a real connection with the material to be learned. In every case, there’s a sense that the learning was “hard but satisfying.”


  1. Accountable Talk


  • Students will actively engage in student talk: questioning, probing, and providing commentary that is appropriate to the discipline. They will use evidence and accurate knowledge to further develop ideas.