Parent-Student Handbook



Dr. Georgette Malcolm- Principal

Genevieve Mohamed- Assistant Principal                                    Joan Duvernay- Assistant Principal

Frank Chiclana- Parent Coordinator





School Contact Information:

PS 327- Dr. Rose B. English School

111 Bristol Street

Brooklyn, NY 11212

(Between Sutter and Pitkin Aves.)

Tel: 718-495-7801

Community School District: 23



Mission Statement


 At P.S. 327 we utilize a holistic approach to support the “Whole Child” academically, socially and emotionally. All students are equipped with the tools they need to SOAR to greater heights​

  • S- Specialization programming provides students the opportunity to gain real-world experiences and learn about possible future career paths ​
  • O- Organized decision making activities provide students the opportunity to amplify their voice; instilling a sense of citizenship and responsibility​
  • A- Access to multiple sources of technology to engage our diverse learners, thereby enhancing their knowledge in a blended learning environment​
  • R-Rigorous instruction and challenging learning experiences built on a solid foundation of skills, knowledge and values


Visitor Protocol​


  • All visitors entering the building will undergo temperature screening and the completion of a health screening form.​
  • Visitors will receive a visitor's pass to the main office. No more than two visitors at a time will be allowed into the main office. ​
  • Visitors who need to  meet with staff must contact the staff member via email or telephone to schedule a meeting.​
  • Once the visitor contacts the staff member, meetings should be scheduled via virtual meeting platforms i.e. Zoom, Google Meets, Facetime, etc. ​
  • Visitor/parents retrieving students from school early will sign out and receive their child in the main lobby. All students undergoing this process must be escorted to the main entrance by a BRT member.​


Emergency Visits​


The administrator on duty will determine if an emergency meeting is required. Emergency visits will require visitors to comply with visitor  control protocols, including temperature checks, completing a health screening form, and complying with social distancing guidelines.   ​


Hours of Operation


The school day begins at 8:15 am.  Students are dismissed beginning at 2:25 pm. 


Transitioning into the Building​


  • Upon entering the building, the students will use the hand sanitizing station which will be positioned at Exit door 4/5 and Exit door 6.​
  • Teachers will escort students in grades K-2 from outdoor morning lineup into the building using Exit doors 4/5 . They will then utilize staircase F/G to transition to their classrooms on the second floor.​
  • Teachers will escort  students in grades 3-5 from outdoor morning lineup into the building using Exit door 6.They will then utilize Exit 7/8 up staircase E to transition to their classrooms on the third floor. (Bility- second floor)​
  • One directional signage will display the correct direction in which to travel throughout the building.​


Morning Arrival: ​Daily Student Screening and Health Procedures ​


  • Morning arrival/lineup will take place in the school yard/playground.​
  • Signage will indicate class placements within the school yard.​
  • Students and staff will maintain social distancing protocols.​
  • The BRT will conduct student temperature checks while students are entering.​
  • BRT members will also distribute cold breakfasts and lunches to students, placing items into students' backpacks. ​
  • BRT members and teachers will assess students' mood/demeanor for possible sadness, anger, anxiety, etc. ​
  • During inclement weather, morning arrival and safety and health activities will take place in the auditorium (K & 1), cafeteria (2 & 3) and gymnasium (4th  & 5th)​
  • 3k and Prek students will enter the building with their parents through the main entrance. Temperature checks will be administered prior to their entry. ​


Afternoon Dismissal Procedures​


  • Preparation for dismissal procedures will begin at 1:50 pm. ​
  • Staff dismissing students will be notified by the BRT members positioned in the hallways to proceed along their designated route.​
  • During dismissal at 2:00pm, teachers and assigned BRT hallway wardens will remind the students of social distancing practices. ​
  • Grades K-2 will exit through Exit 4/5 and enter the school yard. Teachers will return to their morning line up positions. Assigned BRT members and a School Safety Agent will support the dismissal process. Parents will complete an electronic sign-out form created by the teacher in order to receive their child or children.  ​
  • Grades 3-5 will exit the building through Exits 2/3.Assigned BRT members and a School Safety Agent will support the dismissal procedures. Students will be socially distanced along the front of the school in designated areas. Parents will complete an electronic sign-out form created by the teacher in order to receive their child or children.  ​

Students who ride the school bus or are late being picked up will be held in the auditorium. BRT team members assigned to this area will ensure the appropriate social distancing guidelines are followed. Parents will complete the electronic sign-out form.  


3K and PreK

Hand cleaning will take place for at least 20 seconds for all children and staff:

  • Upon arrival to the classroom
  • Between all activities (i.e. from small group activity to learning​ centers.​
  • Between all learning centers
  • After using the bathroom (staff and children) or after supporting a child with toileting.​
  • Before and after eating.
  • Before leaving the classroom.
  • The use of hand sanitizer will be supervised at all times. 
  • Naptime- during naptime, children will be spaced a minimum of six feet apart. Children will be placed head to toe.
  • Each child will have a separate cot that will be labelled for the ​exclusive use of each child. 
  • Cots will be cleaned and sanitized​ daily.​


Attendance and Lateness


Students are expected to be in school every day. Excused absences (such as medical illness) require a note from the doctor. These notes can be delivered by backpacking it with your child to be delivered to the teacher. Chronic absenteeism will result in an attendance consultation. Students that are late (after morning line-up at 8:30 am) are required to sign-in and receive a late pass. Chronic lateness can result in an attendance consultation as well. As per Chancellor’s Regulation A-210, serious attendance and lateness can result in a charge of educational neglect.  In addition, late and absent students miss critical information/instruction and are likely to struggle in their classes. Please inform the main office of any serious concerns so that we may work with you to resolve any difficulties.


Pupil Transportation


Students may be eligible for yellow bus service or a Student Metro Card. Please contact the main office regarding any questions or concerns about transportation. Metro cards are distributed to eligible students from the main office. Please check with the main office regarding eligibility.


Uniform Policy


P.S. 327 is a Uniform School. Our uniform colors are based on our 4 grade bands

3K and PreK  Yellow Polo, Gray Bottom (Uniform pants or Skirt)
Kindergarten and 1st Grade Navy Blue Polo, Gray Bottom (Uniform pants or Skirt)
2nd and 3rd Grade Light Blue Polo, Gray Bottom (Uniform pants or Skirt)
4th and 5th Grade White Polo, Gray Bottom (Uniform pants or Skirt)

Uniforms for our school can be purchased at 

Shoppers World

1572 Pitkin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11212


Usage of Cell Phone and Electronic Devices


Students must travel with their school or Department of Education issued devices during Blended Learning.  Usage of cell phones or other electronic devices during the school day without permission from a staff member is prohibited.


Bullying, Fighting & Harassment


Bullying, fighting and/or harassment will NOT be tolerated at PS 327.  Any student engaged in any form of Bullying (including Cyber-bullying), fighting or harassment shall be disciplined appropriately as outlined in Chancellor’s Regulations A-831, A-832, A-443 and NYC Schools Discipline Code.  Please see the Parent Coordinator for a copy of these regulations. They can also be found on the DOE website:


Usage of Social Media


Use of social media in school is prohibited unless otherwise instructed by a teacher or administrator.


Behavioral Crisis De-Escalation/Intervention and Contacting 911


Every effort will be made to address the needs of a child in crisis. Our staff have been trained on how to address concerns/issues of children that act out in a violent/dangerous manner. The school will explore all options before calling 911 for student outbursts. To be able to effectively de-escalate situations, the school must have the support of the family. Please work with us if this is a concern for your child. Inform the teacher, ensure that the school always has a current phone number, and make certain that someone is always available to come to the school in an emergency.


Security in the Schools


Safety agents are in the school to promote a safe, productive educational environment. Safety agents are required to follow specific guidelines and rules established by the NYC police department and the DOE. It is their job to monitor all visitors to the school, require identification and ensure that visitors report directly to the main office. Visitors are not permitted anywhere else in the building without an escort. Parents and students must adhere to directions given by the agents.


Search & Seizure


Personal and metal detection searches of students, their belongings and their lockers shall be conducted by School Safety Agents (SSAs) on behalf of the principal/designee as follows:

  1. Search of Students and their Belongings (e.g. book bags, clothing)
  2. If there is reasonable suspicion to believe that a student has violated or is violating the law or school rules and regulations, the principal/designee must be so advised. If it is determined that a search is warranted, the principal/designee shall direct the SSA to bring the student to a location designated by the principal/designee.
  3. Once the student has been brought to that location, the principal/designee shall advise the student that the principal/designee has reasonable grounds to believe that the student has violated or is violating the law or school rules and regulations.
  4. The principal/designee must be present while the search of the student is conducted
  5. Prior to conducting a search, the principal/designee shall ask the student whether the student has anything in his/her possession which he/she is not permitted to have in school. If the student acknowledges that he/she is in possession of contraband, the principal/designee shall ask the student to remove the object from the student’s person or belongings.
  6. If the student declines to remove the item or indicates that he/she is not in possession of any contraband, the principal shall direct the SSA to search the student. To the maximum extent possible, if the search involves contact with the student, the search shall be conducted by an SSA of the same sex as the student being searched.
  7. If the SSA conducting the search finds an object which he/she believes may be evidence of the student having violated a law or school rule and regulation, the SSA shall ask the student to remove the object. If the student refuses to remove the object, the SSA shall remove it.
  8. In the event of an emergency which requires immediate intervention to protect the safety and security of the school community or any individual, a SSA may search a student provided the SSA has reasonable suspicion to believe that a student has violated or is violating the law or school rules and regulations. Once the emergency is under control, the SSA shall immediately take the student to the principal/designee and advise the principal/designee of the situation.
  9. Under no circumstances shall a strip-search of a student be conducted. - CR A432


The Nurse and the Isolation Room 


There is a school nurse on site every day that school is in session.  The role of the nurse is to ensure that students requiring medications, and/or students with asthma, severe allergies, diabetes or other chronic conditions, receive daily medical care. If your child suffers from any illness, please contact the nurse regarding appropriate medical documentation. The nurse is also part of the team that ensures that students have the appropriate immunizations and required physicals.  The nurse assists with students who become ill or sustain injury during the school day. (Every effort will be made to contact a parent if either of these occurs. If phone contact cannot be made, a note will be sent home. Contacting the school Nurse:

  • The school nurse must be called if a student is suspected of having a fever. 
  • In a suspected Covid-19 case, a portion of the BRT team will be activated.
  • Room 114 is the isolation room.
  • The student(s) will be monitored by a BRT member when in the room. 
  • Information related to the student's symptoms and parent communication will be gathered by the school nurse and BRT members assigned to the isolation room.
  • Parent's picking up their child who is suspected of Covid-19 will be met by a BRT member.
  • Upon return to school documentation will have to be provided showing clearance to return. 


School Safety Plan Procedures


There are required drills that must be practiced every year.  These include bus drills, fire drills, soft lockdowns, sheltering in and evacuations.  These drills are conducted so that students and staff will be able to respond quickly and effectively to an emergency.  There are specific procedures that must be followed in each situation (real or practice) and we ask that all parents respect these guidelines when in the school.



Emergency Notification System


In cases of emergency, School messenger will notify parents regarding the situation and specify any action that must be taken.  Parents may enroll to receive emergency notifications by e-mail, through the Notify NYC system which may be accessed at the following website or by telephoning 311.